BAF Advantage

Helping our heroes cook up more amazing meals

We work hard to always provide delicious food our heroes are proud to serve and people love to eat.

flavor is always first

Food can’t just be easy to make– it’s got to taste delicious. That’s why all of our craveable, plant-based foods are made with real ingredients that are full of flavor for unforgettable meals.

simple has never been better

Our foods are scratch-made quality without the scratch prep. Fast and easy to prepare, so you can serve consistently great tasting dishes in less time.

value really matters

Our easy-to-execute menu additions have a low portion cost, and help you save time while maximizing storage space. Optimize your menu options, and your budget, for every service.


We work with operators in every segment to dream up new ways to make their jobs easier and their food even better.


At Basic American Foods it’s our mission to celebrate and support the people behind the food – the cooks and foodservice directors, moms and dads, and R&D chefs around the world, they’re all heroes in our eyes. Read more of our story at

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